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Phase I of the Ida Yarbrough Redevelopment Plan.

The Albany Housing Authority is in the process of submitting a mixed finance 24 C.F.R. 941 subpart f disposition application to HUD’s Special Application Center.  The proposed disposition is for Phase I of the Ida Yarbrough Redevelopment Plan.  In Phase I of the redevelopment plan, 76 public housing units will be demolished and 43 newly constructed public housing units will be built. Phase I will also include up to ten future homeownership sites, which AHA expects to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity or another not-for-profit developer. The following links will direct you to the disposition application that AHA will be submitting to HUD and a map of the units that will be disposed of in Phase I. If you have any comments or questions regarding the disposition application or the redevelopment plan please leave a comment below or call the comment hotline at 380-5585 to leave a voice message.  To view map of Phase I, please click Phase I Ida Yarbrough, to view Disposition Application please click Disposition Application.


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