Capital Improvements & Modernization

The Modernization Department administers the Capital Fund Program for our Federal Public Housing Sites. This includes both Capital Funding for Modernization and Replacement Housing Funds for acquisition and rehab of existing units or new construction associated with the Authority’s new housing development activities. We assist site managers with their capital improvements and work on portfolio-wide capital improvement planning for the Authority’s Federal, State and Mixed Finance sites. Energy conservation work is also done by this department, and in 2009 we are wrapping up construction of energy improvements at the Federal sites through an Energy Performance Contract.

In addition, the department handles upgrades to our State senior High Rise building, Townsend Park Homes. Funding for State Modernization comes from State Public Housing Modernization Grants and Replacement Reserves.

Capital Fund Program
HUD provides Capital Funds, annually, to Albany Housing Authority for the development, financing, and modernization of public housing developments and for management improvements. AHA’s plans its physical improvement and management improvements using a 5-year planning tool and submitting annual updates with the Authority’s annual PHA Plan.

The Capital Fund Program pays for large capital improvements such as construction of new homes, new fencing, sidewalks, doors, floors, kitchens, roofs, lighting, elevator renovations, windows, new appliances, and provides funding for some security and management improvements. The CFP is formula-funded, which means that HUD provides the funds to the housing authority based on the number of units that are available for occupancy. AHA uses some of the money to fund police patrols throughout the developments. This has reduced the incidence of crime within each neighborhood.

For information regarding Capital Improvements & Modernization please contact:

Laura Moody
MOD Coordinator
Albany Housing Authority
200 South Pearl Street
Albany, NY 12202
Phone: (518) 641-7532
Fax: (518) 641-7545