The M.I.S. Department (Management Information Systems) is responsible for operating and maintaining the technology needs for AHA. Spread over thirteen locations, staff maintains connectivity and applications for a variety of subsidized housing applications as well as office automation equipment to ensure the smooth delivery of service to our residents and professionalism to our business partners.

Currently, after many years of in-house developed PH and Finance software, a RFP will be issued to replace the current slate of applications for a new, comprehensive suite of Public Housing, Section 8 and Finance applications. The RFP is planned for the second quarter of 2009.

Additionally, the M.I.S. Dept. is currently in the process of a rollout of biometric time clocks and automated attendance and accrual software aiding the in-house payroll process and improving reporting on overtime and job tracking. Other responsibilities include:


  • Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery
  • Technology Centers for Job Training / Readiness and Senior Centers for drop-in usage
  • Maintaining AHA PCs, Servers and Printers
  • Designs and Maintains Computer Networks
  • Install and Maintain all Computer Software
  • Maintain Communication Technologies
  • Configure and Maintain Email Systems
  • Maintain Security Systems Including Video Surveillance and Door Access Cards
  • Oversee and Operate E-Commerce and Procurement Systems and Software(Purchasing)
  • Oversee and Maintain Site Inventory System
  • Maintain Maintenance Work Order System
  • Oversee Web Base Technologies Including the AHA Website

Keep your software up to date. Maintain backup copies of all your personal data. Install and use an anti-virus / computer security software package.

For information regarding the MIS Department or Administration please contact:

Anthony Cozzolino
IT Manager
Albany Housing Authority
200 South Pearl Street
Albany, NY 12202
Phone: (518) 641-7500

Erik Ross
Help Desk Support Specialist
Albany Housing Authority
200 South Pearl Street
Albany, NY 12202
Phone: (518) 641-7500