Section 8 Landlord Access

Landlord Access

AHA is proud to introduce Section8 Landlord Access. Landlord access is a new system to allow payments to be viewed online. Using this new system, Landlords will be able to view the all previous payments. Landlord Access is a centralized, secure, web-based system for producing on-line statements for all owners. This elminates the need for creating paper payment statements, saving time, eliminating excess paper usage and improving owner access to data.

Re-Inspection Fees

The Albany Housing Authority will charge a $75 fee for any re-inspection where the owner notifies us that the repair has been made but the deficiency has not been corrected, and when the time for repairs has elapsed and the deficiency has not been corrected. We will not impose the fee for any tenant-caused damages, for cases in which the inspector could not gain access to the unit, or for new deficiencies discovered during a re-inspection.

A Letter to Section 8 Landlords

A letter has been sent out to Section 8 landlords detailing how to login to the Landlord Access website with instructions including your registration key and how to register. Following is a copy of that letter: Landlord Access (PDF)

To access Section 8 Landlord payment information please use the following link:


A Letter to the Landlords –┬áPayment Date Change – January 14, 2015

Landlords: For information or questions regarding Landlord Access and Landlord Resources only,
please contact:

Lisa Ostiguy
Accountant II
Phone: (518) 641-7524
Fax: (518) 641-7544

New Landlords: For information or questions regarding new landlord information, please contact:

Kanika McKnight
Section 8 Administrator
Phone: (518) 641-7452
Fax: (518) 641-7548

Tenants: For information or questions regarding Tenant Waiting List, please call: (518) 641-7500

Landlord Access