Transfers / Moving

Q. Can I transfer to another apartment in my current development or another development?
A. Transfer requests are filled out in the manager’s office, tenant history and rent payment are factored into decisions.

Q. How can I find out about the status of my transfer request?
A. Contact the transfer committee.

Q. I was approved for a transfer before my neighbor was. Why did they get an apartment first?
A. There are certain preferences, of high importance would be medical or child in high rise, lower would be closets are too small or I just want to move out of this unit into another.

Q. Why must I transfer to a smaller apartment?
A. If your household has changed since you were first moved in, eg. child has moved out and you are now in a 2 bedroom, your needs have changed to a 1 bedroom.

Q. I live alone in an AHA apartment. Can a family member take over the apartment if I move?
A. No

Q. If I move into an apartment to care for a terminally ill relative, will I be able to keep the apartment for myself as a remaining family member?
A. As long as their income is included in the calculation of rent.

Q. Can I transfer to a housing development for senior citizens?
A. As long as you are at least 55 years of age or older & certified disabled OR 62 years of age or older.