AHA Staff

The staff of the Albany Housing Authority is made up of many unique, bright and talented individuals. Non-unionized employees and members of the PEF and CSEA unions along with other individuals work together under the umbrella of the Authority to offer families a foundation from which to build successful lives, inspiring investment in self and community through quality rental, homeownership, employment and small business opportunities. We are an able partner for those who wish to transform their future, and that of their community, into one of choice.

The Albany Housing Authority consists of 12 individual departments. Each department is centrally located at the AHA Administration Building located at 200 South Pearl Street, in Albany, NY. It is the responsibility of these departments to ensure that the AHA continues to achieve excellence in creating strong communities, building beautiful homes and putting the residents of AHA first. From the AHA residents the Authority is guided by a board of commissioners, the Office of the Executive Director, the Office of the Deputy Director and then to each of the remaining AHA departments.

To view the organizational chart, please view the graphic to the right. A more detailed version is located as a link below this paragraph.

Albany Housing Authority – Organizational Chart