Apply for Housing

Please read the following information before filling out your application.

Dear Applicant

The following form is an application for an apartment in one of the Albany Housing Authority’s Public Housing Development sites and/or the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The following form must be completed in full and submitted via the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the form in order to process your application for placement on the waiting list.

The form must be complete in full. Your name, address, phone number and social security number must be filled in correctly. In addition, all family members who will reside in the unit with you must be listed.
You must fill in your annual income amount. Many of our programs require certain income levels to qualify. Without this information we cannot determine whether you meet these qualifications.

Special Unit Requirement Questionnaire
Please complete this section in full. The questionnaire is to be administered to every applicant for Public Housing/Section 8 at the Albany Housing Authority. It is to be used to determine whether an applicant needs special features in their housing unit. The need for special adaptations must be verified in order to assure that the limited number of units with special features go to families that actually need the features.

Future Contact and Follow Up
All future contact with you will be done be mail. It is imperative that your address be kept current and up-to-date with us. You must notify this office in writing or in person to update your address. No change of address information will be taken over the telephone. Your file will be closed if the Post Office is unable to deliver mail to the address we have on file with you.

Application Preference
The Albany Housing Authority has a preference for working families, or those unable to work due to age or disability AND who live or work in the City of Albany, NY. If you do not meet both of these preferences, you are still welcome to apply, however, it is unlikely we will ever reach your name on our waiting list.

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