Security / Quality of Life Issues

Q. How can I report excessive noise disturbances?
A. To the site manager.

Q. What can I do if I suspect drugs are being sold in my building or development?
A. Report the information to the Director of Security, and the Albany Police Department.

Q. Can my tenancy be terminated if a member of my household commits a crime?
A. Yes. If the arrest is for a section of the law listed as a violation of your lease. Tenants have due process for a fair hearing and follow up relief in city court.

Q. Is it true that if someone is arrested for a felony drug offense that they cannot visit any AHA development?
A. No. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their quests, there is no policy restricting who can visit Authority property. The Authority can secure a banning order against someone for unreasonable conduct on AHA property through a civil court action.

Q. Why doesn’t my development have the closed circuit television cameras (CCTV’s) to monitor our buildings and surrounding areas to prevent crime?
A. The Authority is making upgrades to current cctv systems and expanding the program to all sites in the near future.

Q. A rude AHA employee has mistreated me. How do I make a complaint against that person?
A. Contact the site manager or leasing specialist.