The WAGE Center


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Technology – Help – Education

The WAGE Center continues AHA’s focus on the core services that maximize the ability of residents to access opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency. AHA Residents and Housing Choice Voucher participants receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) are the targeted populations.


The WAGE Center is:

  • Partnering with area employers to provide clients with real life work experiences through a mentoring program;
  • Partnering with areas employers to create a training program that mirrors real workplace environments, needs and skills; and
  • Training residents to be prepared to enter customer service positions in insurance, banking, hotel and health care.

Supplementing these core services are an array of educational, training and support opportunities provided by other partners that AHA has brought together to reinforce the self-sufficiency efforts by the clients.

A partial list of services includes:

  • computer training
  • pre-college English and math
  • entrepreneurship support
  • transportation and childcare assistance
  • small business development
  • GED and ESL assistance

Building on the successful track record of the former W.A.G.E. Center participants, the WAGE Center continues to be a recognized center that provides resident and participant training and support. The WAGE Center is funded by HUD ROSS-SDM grant funds.

Interested AHA residents and housing choice voucher participants may call The WAGE Center for further information at (518) 380-5600, and by visiting our website at The WAGE Center.