Q. When is my rent due?
A. Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Rent is delinquent if received after the 5th of the month. A late fee of $20.00 is applied to your account if your rent is not paid by the 10th of the month. If rent is not paid by the 25th of the month you will receive a petition for non-payment.

Q. I receive a subsidy from Section 8, why is their payment not listed on my monthly rent bill?
A. Rent bills are run usually a week before the month starts. Section 8 HAP payments are not received until after the 1st of the month. The rent bill cannot list the amount AHA is receiving because the check has not been received yet. If you are unsure of your portion of the rent please contact our office and we will assist you.

Q. DSS pays for all or a portion of my rent, why did I get a late notice?
A. DSS sends a voucher showing who is receiving monthly payments around the 1st of the month. However, the check from DSS historically comes after the 10th of the month. Late fees will be removed from your account when the payment is received as long as your balance is under $40 after the payment is received.