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South End Revitalization 5 Month Update

These photos document the amazing transformation that has occurred on Morton Avenue in just the past 5 months.  Seemingly overnight, 43 apartments have risen from once vacant lots and abandoned buildings along this South End corridor and adjacent side streets.  The Albany Housing Authority, its developer-partner Omni Housing Development and construction manager AOW Associates are using prefabricated wall panels and trusses shipped to the construction site as a way to cut the construction schedule nearly in half, in order to have the first apartments ready for occupancy before the end of the year.  The effort is Phase 2 of a multi-year project to stabilize the neighborhood surrounding Lincoln Square Homes, in preparation for its redevelopment according to the city’s Capital South Plan.  Phase 1, completed in 2009, consisted of the wildly successful rehabilitation of Eagle Court Apartments at the corner of Morton and Eagle Street and the establishment of a new cluster of quality housing at Jared Holt Mews on Third Avenue and Clinton and Broad Streets.  Phase 2 aims to reinforce those initial housing investments and further instill faith in the South End’s revitalization for homeowners and responsible landlords.


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